Patented magnetic technology that safely separates unknown powdered substances for further analysis, preservation and, speeding up lab workflows. 

Discovery, not destruction.

Even in minuscule concentrations, the MagLev system excels in detecting and safeguarding compounds with remarkable sensitivity and unmatched selectivity, providing invaluable insights beyond the reach of alternative technologies. Leveraging the prowess of Magnetic Levitation, it effectively segregates up to seven distinct compounds found in illicit drug blends. Through its innovative preservation technique, MagLev suspends and isolates each compound in distinct layers, facilitating effortless extraction by your laboratory for in-depth analysis.

*For Sale to Law Enforcement and Forensic Laboratories Only!

How It Works

Benefits of MagLev in Forensics and Drug Detection

  • High Sensitivity and Specificity: MagLev allows for the separation of drug components in very low concentrations (down to 1 wt%), which is crucial for detecting highly potent substances like fentanyl and its analogs in street drugs.


  • Rapid and Efficient: The ability to quickly separate and presumptively identify different components within a mixture makes MagLev highly suitable for rapid screening in forensic contexts, reducing the backlog in drug testing labs.


  • Non-Destructive Analysis: The non-destructive nature of MagLev enables the preservation of samples for further confirmatory tests, ensuring that evidence remains intact throughout the investigative process.


  • Ease of Use: The device’s design is straightforward, requiring minimal training for operation, which is ideal for deployment in field settings such as border inspections and police operations.


  • Cost-Effective: By providing preliminary results onsite, MagLev can reduce the need for extensive laboratory tests, thereby saving costs associated with drug analysis.


  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of powdered substances and capable of identifying both common and novel adulterants and diluents mixed with illicit drugs.


  • Safety: Reduces the risk of exposure to hazardous substances for law enforcement and forensic personnel by allowing an initial assessment of suspicious powders in a controlled environment.


  • Complementary with Other Techniques: While MagLev provides preliminary data based on density, it can be seamlessly integrated with other analytical methods for comprehensive drug profiling.


Applications in Forensic Drug Analysis: 

  • Street Drug Analysis: Efficient for screening and identifying components in street-level drug samples, particularly useful in areas plagued by opioid crisis.


  • Customs and Border Protection: Ideal for rapid onsite testing of substances at borders, helping to thwart the smuggling of illicit drugs.


  • Law Enforcement: Assists police in quick onsite testing of suspicious powders during raids and arrests, providing immediate investigative leads.


MagLev with FTIR-ATR

Separation via MAGLEV and identification by FTIR‐ATR. (a) Image of the separation (30 minutes) of a mixture of (50 mg) of fentanyl⋅HCl (1.3 wt%), heroin⋅HCl (2.6 wt%), and α‐lactose (96.1 wt%) using a HMFG MAGLEV device. The sample was separated in a paramagnetic solution of Gd(DPM)3TOPO (0.45 M) dissolved in a solvent mixture of 23 vol% hexane and 77 vol% tetrachloroethylene. The dashed white lines delineate where the tip of the Pasteur pipette is located during the extraction of the fentanyl. (b) The FTIR‐ATR spectra of the fentanyl‐ and lactose‐rich fractions from the separation.

MagLev Drug Separation Examples

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Magnetic Levitation

What is Magnetic Levitation?

Magneto-Archimedes levitation (MagLev) enables the separation of powdered mixtures of illicit drugs (cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, fentanyl and its analogs), adulterants, and diluents based on density, and allows the presumptive identification of individual components. 

Analysis of Powders Containing Illicit Drugs Using MagLev

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology - Harvard University

The Presumptive Identification of Individual Components

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology - Harvard University

Whitesides Research Group

Harvard University

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