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Interested in testing the MagLev Device in your lab?

MagLev Pilot Program and How it works.

VeriChem is committed to advancing forensic science through technological innovation. We are offering forensic labs the opportunity to participate in our MagLev pilot program, designed to integrate this groundbreaking technology into your analytical processes. 

1. Initial Consultation

Contact us to express your interest in the MagLev pilot program. Our team will schedule a meeting to discuss your lab’s specific needs and how MagLev can address them.

2. Program Setup

Upon joining the pilot, VeriChem will provide the MagLev device along with comprehensive training for your team, ensuring a smooth integration into your lab’s workflow.

3. Three-Month Pilot Duration

The pilot program is designed to run for a minimum of three months, allowing your lab to thoroughly evaluate the technology’s impact on your forensic analysis capabilities.

4. Support and Evaluation

Throughout the pilot, VeriChem will offer ongoing support and periodic evaluations to assess the technology’s performance and your lab’s satisfaction, making adjustments as necessary.

5. Feedback and Future Planning

At the conclusion of the pilot, we’ll gather feedback and discuss long-term implementation strategies to ensure that MagLev continues to enhance your lab’s forensic analysis capabilities.

Revolutionizing Drug Analysis in Forensic Laboratories

VeriChem introduces the MagLev system, a state-of-the-art magnetic levitation technology designed to transform the way forensic labs analyze illicit drugs. By leveraging the unique properties of magnetic forces, the MagLev system enables precise, rapid, and non-destructive analysis of complex drug mixtures, setting a new standard in forensic science. This innovative approach is particularly effective in distinguishing between illicit drugs and their various adulterants, enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of drug analysis in laboratory settings.

Advanced Technology for Comprehensive Analysis

The MagLev system operates on the principle of magnetic levitation, using paramagnetic solutions to suspend and separate compounds based on density and magnetic properties. This allows for the direct observation and analysis of materials without the need for dissolution, preserving their physical characteristics. With MagLev , forensic labs can achieve unparalleled precision in the separation of compounds, including the challenging detection of low-concentration substances like fentanyl, directly impacting the effectiveness of forensic analysis.

Enhancing Detection with MagLev

Our system not only accelerates the analysis process, providing results from seconds to an hour, but also significantly lowers the detection limits for substances such as fentanyl. This is crucial for labs dealing with the opioid crisis, where accurate and timely analysis can save lives. MagLev enhances the sensitivity of existing analytical techniques, including FTIR-ATR spectroscopy, enabling the detection of substances at concentrations previously undetectable.

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VeriChem invites you to be at the forefront of forensic science innovation. By participating in our MagLev pilot program, your lab can leverage advanced technology to enhance the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of drug analysis. Join us in setting a new standard in forensic analysis and contribute to a safer society.