About Us

Who We Are

Delivering a safer future.

At VeriChem, we are dedicated to providing law enforcement and forensic professionals with cutting-edge solutions for the accurate identification of illicit substances and precise analysis. Our focus is on enhancing safety, efficiency, and making a positive societal impact.

Our Vision

We envision a world where forensic science seamlessly integrates with advanced technology, ensuring safer communities and swifter justice. As pioneers in our field, we strive to set global standards, drive meaningful innovations, and pave the way for a future where technology and human expertise converge to solve the most intricate challenges of our time.



VeriChem thrives at the forefront of technological advancements, consistently pushing boundaries to develop groundbreaking solutions in forensic science.



Leading the charge in integrating future technology into solutions, we're setting new benchmarks and charting unexplored territories in illicit drug detection.



Every tool and solution we engineer prioritizes accuracy, ensuring that forensic professionals are equipped with the most reliable data for crucial decision-making.



Beyond mere enhancements, our technologies aim to revolutionize the entire forensic landscape, driving a paradigm shift in how investigations and analyses are approached.

VeriChem Team


Jay Letendre

Chief Science Officer/Co-Founder

Christoffer Abrahamsson

Chemistry Lead/Co-Founder

Michael Fink

Our Areas of Focus

Creating solutions that solve forensic challenges.

VeriChem stands at the forefront of forensic innovation redefining illicit drug identification. Drawing from esteemed academic partnerships, we’re poised to address the escalating challenges in the booming forensic market. Our commitment transcends technology, aiming to effect profound societal change and enhance safety on all fronts.

Drug Detection

Patented solutions for illicit drug detection.

DNA Identification

Patented AI for DNA Mixture Identification.

The MagLev device was developed in the Whitesides research group at Harvard University

Whitesides Research Group at Harvard University

Today one of the world’s most influential chemists, Whitesides, the Woodford L. and Ann A. Flowers University Research Professor, has worked on a wide array of scientific problems, shifting focus periodically to uncharted territory. Over the course of his long career — Harvard College, Caltech, MIT, and more than four decades as a researcher and teacher back at Harvard — he’s explored nuclear magnetic spectroscopy, organometallic chemistry, molecular self-assembly, soft robotics, unconventional data storage, microfabrication, nanotechnology, and the origin of life. He has published more than 1,200 scientific articles and holds more than 100 patents, and his many honors include the National Medal of Science. He’s also known for his ability to spin discoveries into new companies, including biotech giant Genzyme, purchased in 2011 by Sanofi.