Simplifying The Complexity of Illegal Drug Mixtures

Helping Law Enforcement find the Undetectable in Street Drugs

VeriChem enables field analysis of dilute drugs like fentanyl, addressing a critical need in law enforcement and saving lives. Fentanyl, responsible for 70% of the 108,000 US drug-related overdose deaths in 2022, is detected using VeriChem’s advanced Magnetic Levitation (MagLev) technology. This innovative method separates and identifies components in powdered drug mixtures by density, overcoming limitations of current field detection methods.

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Test trace levels of unknown substances while minimizing exposure while allowing the user to rapidly assess threat levels, establish probable cause, and prioritize investigatory resources accordingly.


Optimized detection capabilities for drugs like fentanyls, opioids, amphetamines and other high priority drugs-of-abuse.


Samples placed in the cartridge filled with magnetic fluid remain undamaged, ensuring their integrity is preserved throughout the chain of custody. This allows for further laboratory tests by your forensic team.

MagLev Kit for Forensic Labs & Law Enforcement

Through its innovative preservation technique, MagLev suspends and isolates each compound in distinct layers, facilitating effortless extraction by your laboratory for in-depth analysis.

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2022 Overdoses in US

In 2022, provisional data indicated that more than two thirds (68%) of the reported drug overdose deaths in the United States involved, principally illicitly manufactured fentanyls (IMFs).

A few grains of sand worth of fentanyl can be lethal.

Fentanyl Crisis

A silent killer is among us.

In the shadows of modern society, a silent epidemic rages on. Fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid, has become a pervasive threat, claiming countless lives and shattering communities. At VeriChem, we’re committed to confronting this crisis head-on, leveraging cutting-edge technology to make a tangible difference.

Our Solutions

Drug Detection and Identification

Detect and identify a broad range of unknown drugs and powders at trace levels using patented technology.

Non-Destructive Testing

Preserves the sample integrity, facilitating subsequent, more precise testing if needed.

Rapid Analysis

Accelerates presumptive drug identification at crime scenes with equilibration times between 5-30 minutes.

Separation of Complex Mixtures

Excelling in identifying diluted illicit drugs adulterated with other substances.

Synergy with Other Techniques

Enhances techniques like FTIR-ATR, addressing their limitations in complex mixtures.

Discover Low Concentration Substances

MagLev is able to discover very low concentrations of chemical substances below the threshold of current technology. 

Portability and User-Friendliness

Simplifies field-based illicit drug screening and identification.

Presumptive Field Test Failures

This year 773,000 people will be arrested based on field drug tests with known accuracy problems

A pathbreaking Quattrone Center report shows that the use of presumptive field tests in drug arrests is one of largest known contributing factors to wrongful arrests and convictions.

Keeping pace.

Law enforcement and Forensic Labs face constant difficulties in accurately detecting synthetic substances in low concentrations added to street drug mixtures. Even with the latest technology available, false positive/negative rates can occur, exacerbating the crisis, demanding new, urgent and effective solutions.



Safely collect unknown powder from the scene or suspect.



Patented technology separates substances into individual layers based on density.



Once a mixture is separated, the individual layers can be easily extracted.



Once a substance is removed from the MagLev, it can be further investigated and identified using RAMAN or FTIR technology.

Revolutionize forensic analysis and sample preparation in your lab.

MagLev offers a leap forward in forensic technology, providing labs with an innovative solution for the rapid and precise separation of complex mixtures. By leveraging magnetic levitation, MagLev simplifies the preparation of samples for analysis, making it faster and more efficient than ever before.

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Who We Are

Helping build a better world.

At the heart of VeriChem is a profound dedication to addressing the synthetic opioid epidemic. Our primary goal is clear: to provide communities with effective tools to combat the devastating impact of these drugs such as fentanyl.

Every step we take is driven by a deep-seated desire to make a meaningful difference in this fight, ensuring safe environments for all.

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